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Friday, 9 December 2011


Well it's getting to that time of year where people start to think what's my year been like....? Well im gonna tell you mine.
In a short summary its been a total roller coaster. It started off with me expecting it to be a pretty normal year with everything going smoothly, getting my GCSEs which i did manage =D and starting a new sixth form, but there was of course the unexpected.
I had some amazing friendships and relationships on 2011, however i left a lot at my old school but some did come with me and a lot changed as i started sixth form, it was hard at first but it has got easier along the way and i have met some really cool people and i am enjoying the experience.
I still feel that there is something missing from the end of the year, it started pretty much perfectly but has had its low points and i dont think they have been filled in for yet, hopefully 2012 will find me what i want and maybe it won't be as crazy as 2011 was and probably will be in the last 3 weeks.
I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.
God Bless.
'Never Forget, the world is yours.'

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Its been like 2 months... not that anybody reads this shit but meh. Im on half term right now and i am pretty bored to be honest. Fifa 12 is keeping me sane!! What a game!! I am eagerly anticipating Football Manager 2012 which comes out tomorow!!! Already have it pre-loaded onto my laptop. Sixth form is going ok i guess, i now think i should have just dropped out and joined some army in eastern europe but i didnt so i got to wait two more year till freedom. I dropped P.E which was a good choice cause my report said i was doing shit in it and instead im doing psychology which is alright but the teacher is a wierdo!
Been watching a lot of football, Liverpool are doing ok i guess, unfortunate to draw to the Mancs at the weekend but we deserved to win, Suarez rang so many rings round Evra he got accused of being racist, CUNT!!
Anyway im off to have Bangers and Mash.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Bye :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Harry Potter: The Magic Reviewed

In 1997 J.K.Rowling released the first of a series of seven books that would go on to be a worldwide phenomenon.

The story tells the journey of a young boy called Harry Potter, im sure many of you know how the story started and why he is so special on these books. I can remember the first book, i had it read to me when i was around 5 years old. Ever since the first book i was hooked. As of June 2011 the series has sold 450 million copies and been translated into a  huge 67 languages!
By the time the first film was released in 2001 many half of the series had already been completed, the films bought the books to life, the films have been a huge success. 7 books were written by Rowling, the last one was available on 21st July 2007. The book sold 15 million copies in 24 hours setting new records.

Many people grew up throughout there childhood reading these books, so when the 8th and final film came out earlier this summer, there was an air of excitement and also sadness amongst the millions of fans.

Here are some Harry Potter facts:

  • Fred and George Weasley were born on April Fools' day.
  • Witches and wizards have longer life-spans than Muggles.
  • Dumbledore is 150, McGonagall is 70.
  • To remove the tail that Hagrid gave Dudley in the hut on the rock, the Dursleys went to a private hospital where the staff was very discreet, and said that a wart had gone out of control.
  • The number Mr. Weasley punches into the telephone to get into the Ministry of Magic, 62442, spells "MAGIC" on the phone pad.
  • A witch or wizard's wand size is selected in direct proportion to their height. Hagrid is huge, and he has a 16-inch wand. Voldemort is tall, and he has a 13-inch wand. Ron is tall and he has a 14-inch wand. Harry is average height, and he has an 11-inch wand. Umbridge is extremely short, and her wand is described as being very short. 

Harry Potter is over but i'm sure it will be read and watched for generations to come and will end up being a great series of novels such as Lord of the Rings. 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Premier League Review: Week 1

Fulahm vs Aston Villa
Alex McLeish will have been happy Villa got a draw at the Cottage but i think they still need to sign a player, A central midfielder would be perfect for Villa, they have got Stephen Ireland and he would be perfect to slot in to this role. Fulham are reliable and by far had the best chance of the match when John Arne Riise fired over from the edge of the box. This was a fair result and expected due to the teams changes of manager over the summer. Final Score 0-0

Newcastle vs Arsenal 
Both teams have had a hard summer, Arsenal are in a crucial stage and need to buy players after Fabregas' departure and Newcastle have not invested in the squad as they promised the fans and Joey Barton has had his fair share on controversy. Another 0-0 draw that was marred in controversy, involving none other than Barton. Alex Song stamped on the back of his leg, and after the new Arsenal forward Gervinho went down in the box Barton showed his opinion by picking him up and giving him a good shake which Gervinho reacted to by hitting Barton round the head. Gervinho got sent off and the game finished at a deadlock. A lot of focus will be on how Arsenal will play in the next game against Liverpool without a large number of first team players. Final Score 0-0

Liverpool vs Sunderland
An air of optimism surrounded Anfield on Saturday, a number of new signings had whetted the appetite of the Kop and the game started well when Liverpool won a penalty after Suarez was tripped in the box. Suarez blazed the penalty well over the bar, however within 12 minutes a Charlie Adam free kick was headed in by Suarez. The first half finished with constant attacks by Liverpool and Sunderland very much on the back foot. However Sunderland came back and in the 57th minute Seb Larsson scored a fabulous volley to level the game. The 1st half offered great optimism for Liverpool but they need to improve the 2nd half to stand a chance to finish top 4. Final Score 1-1

QPR vs Bolton
Rangers first game in the Premier league for 15 years did not go well. New signing Kieron Dyer went off with a foot injury within 2 minutes, and just before half time in demand defender Gary Cahill scored a stunning curling strike on goal. 3 more goals followed in the second half and Bolton finished the game four nil with QPR finishing with 10 men. Bolton probably do need another striker before the window closes. Final Score 0-4

Blackburn vs Wolves
Wolves won the game 2-1 after Blackburn went ahead with striker Mauro Formica scored a well placed finish, however 2 minutes later Fletcher scored an equaliser for the visitors. Just after the second half Wolves won a penalty which Paul Robinson did well to save, however Matt Jarvis was on hand to score the rebound and Wolves ended the game comfortably. Final Score 1-2

Wigan vs Norwich
Norwich visited Wigan and made a good start picking up a point in a 1 all draw. Wigan went ahead after Tom Watson scored a penalty mid way through the first half. However Norwich showed spirit and thought back to score just before half time. The game finished level and Norwich will be happy with the point. Final Score 1-1

Stoke vs Chelsea

Andre Villas Boas' first game in charge of a new Chelsea side came out with one major positive, Fernando Torres, even though Stokes defence held firm for 90 minutes Torres looked lively throughout. Stoke put in the usual physical and bruising performance they do against any team and will go away the happier side after getting a well earned point. Final Score 0-0

West Brom vs Man Utd
Wayne Rooney scored an early goal to put the champions one nil up after combining well with Fabio and Ashley Young. David de Gea was not shown in his best light for Utd when he let a tame effort from Shane Long creep under his body. However a late own goal saved him the blushes and secured Utd a hard fought 3 points. Roy Hodgson argued the Baggies deserved atleast a point and many people would agree. Final Score 1-2

Man City vs Swansea
New boys Swansea's first game was at the Etihad Stadium. The first 45 minutes went well for Swansea and they did not concede a goal. However within 12 minutes of the restart Edin Dzeko scored his first of the season with a tap in after a mistake by the Swan's keeper Vorm. £39 million striker Aguero made his City debut at the hour mark and set up Silva for one and scored 2 for himself showing instantly why he was worth the money. Final score 4-0

Performance of the Week: Bolton who made an impressive start scoring 4 goals.
Player if the Week: Sergio Aguero, 2 goals and an assist in 30 minutes of his debut.
Losers of the Week: Arsenal, no real chances and a host of players injured or looking to leave, they could struggle for top 4.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kanye- He definitely graduated

Today i decided that one of my favourite albums of all time is Kanye West's Grammy winning Graduation. It has such a variety of amazing songs that suit every mood and moment. This album got Kanye an amazing 8 Grammy nominations which he won 4 of including Best Rap single and album.
There was so much hype leading up the album as Kanye and 50 Cent announced they would release there albums around the same time and they both said that their album would outsell the other rappers. Which Kanye did win, the album went double platinum in America and Canada and went platinum in the UK and got to number 1 in the album charts in each of these countries.
This album has really seen Yeezy go on to great things, his follow up album 8o8's and Heartbreaks is an album which divided opinion all over the world, I for one love this album, it gives a real dark insight into his life as a global superstar and the tough times he had faced after his mum died. This album was not as successful as Graduation but still went platinum in 3 countries.
His next album for me displays his genius better than any of his previous albums. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is exactly as titled. Beautiful, very dark and twisted in more ways than one. But this is what gained it, its brilliant critical reception across the world with many people branding it as the best album of 2010 and a work of art that explore West like none of his previous albums have before.
personally i think this man is genius his passion for art and fashion is shown in his music and his personality, although he is very controversial, he is fully aware he is a global super star. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I never really started watching Lost when it first arrived on channel 4 in 2004, but recently i needed something new too watch, so i gave it a go. I tend to enjoy these types of shows, i loved Flashforward and was disappointed when it got dropped. I started to watch lost and instantly got addicted, I started to stay up into the early hours of the morning with my eyes glued to the screen, its fucking awesome!!! 
I think whoever wrote the first few episodes, is genius. From that moment when u meet the main characters u feel like u know them, it gives u flashes of their past, memories that are relevant to each epiosde. With each flash is a new insight to how they feel or how past experiences and how they will react to different situations. I am about half way through season 3, not one episode has failed to throw up a new challenge to the survivors, a new question to the watchers. I really don't have the slightest clue as to what can happen in the next episode i watch its so unpredictable, thats why i love it though. I know i'm only half way through i am anticipating the end with excitement and disappointment, i don't want it to let me down, but im sure it won't!!!!!! 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Take 2

Hey, the first blog was pretty limited so here is another one!!!! I am watching Lost currently, i never really got into when it was shown on T.V but i am hooked now. I'm only on series two but i am steadily working my way along it and have really enjoyed it. Other shows i have watched recently are things like Jersey Shore, and yes i do love it.
Who doesn't enjoy watching people getting absolutely hammered, i do. I also watch Geordie Shore which is good but just not as good as Jersey. I was born in North Yorkshire and i like to think of myself as a Northerner, which i am cause i am Scottish :D I have moved around in my life a lot, due to my dad being in the army, which he has been for 26 years, yeah that's fucking commitment!! I had been at my secondary school for 5 years, which is the longest i had ever been at a school, i boarded there and met some awesome people, including my girlfriend who is called Katie. I am going to a sixth form in September and hopefully she will come to, as she has already been accepted as well. I have a passion for football, although i have not properly played for a few months as i tore ligaments in my foot just before my R.S exam, which was not a good situation.
Well that's a more in depth analysis of my life so far, i will be back to tell you much more of my opinions and views on any random shit i can :)