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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kanye- He definitely graduated

Today i decided that one of my favourite albums of all time is Kanye West's Grammy winning Graduation. It has such a variety of amazing songs that suit every mood and moment. This album got Kanye an amazing 8 Grammy nominations which he won 4 of including Best Rap single and album.
There was so much hype leading up the album as Kanye and 50 Cent announced they would release there albums around the same time and they both said that their album would outsell the other rappers. Which Kanye did win, the album went double platinum in America and Canada and went platinum in the UK and got to number 1 in the album charts in each of these countries.
This album has really seen Yeezy go on to great things, his follow up album 8o8's and Heartbreaks is an album which divided opinion all over the world, I for one love this album, it gives a real dark insight into his life as a global superstar and the tough times he had faced after his mum died. This album was not as successful as Graduation but still went platinum in 3 countries.
His next album for me displays his genius better than any of his previous albums. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is exactly as titled. Beautiful, very dark and twisted in more ways than one. But this is what gained it, its brilliant critical reception across the world with many people branding it as the best album of 2010 and a work of art that explore West like none of his previous albums have before.
personally i think this man is genius his passion for art and fashion is shown in his music and his personality, although he is very controversial, he is fully aware he is a global super star. 

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