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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Take 2

Hey, the first blog was pretty limited so here is another one!!!! I am watching Lost currently, i never really got into when it was shown on T.V but i am hooked now. I'm only on series two but i am steadily working my way along it and have really enjoyed it. Other shows i have watched recently are things like Jersey Shore, and yes i do love it.
Who doesn't enjoy watching people getting absolutely hammered, i do. I also watch Geordie Shore which is good but just not as good as Jersey. I was born in North Yorkshire and i like to think of myself as a Northerner, which i am cause i am Scottish :D I have moved around in my life a lot, due to my dad being in the army, which he has been for 26 years, yeah that's fucking commitment!! I had been at my secondary school for 5 years, which is the longest i had ever been at a school, i boarded there and met some awesome people, including my girlfriend who is called Katie. I am going to a sixth form in September and hopefully she will come to, as she has already been accepted as well. I have a passion for football, although i have not properly played for a few months as i tore ligaments in my foot just before my R.S exam, which was not a good situation.
Well that's a more in depth analysis of my life so far, i will be back to tell you much more of my opinions and views on any random shit i can :)

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